"Jobs and what you think about them"

Gary talks with Mr. Joe Middler about how he became a working professional musician and, fairly early in his career, a bandleader. Joe took piano lessons and a kid, moved to guitar in junior high school, and was in a number of bands. While in college, he became a session player and lived with several other more accomplished working musicians in LA and acknowledges that that experience dramatically improved his playing and network within the LA music scene. Joe put together his first ‘real’ band and they soon became one of the top ‘Corporate Bands’ in the country. Joe talks about lucky breaks, the success factors in being a good band member and the importance hiring the right players. He also shares memories of playing different iconic clubs around LA and beyond. Joe also comments on the business and promotional aspects of the music; and the hard work and contingency planning that are essential for one’s music career to also be their livelihood.