"Jobs and what you think about them"
The CareerPod will bring you conversations with interesting, articulate people talking about the work they do and the careers they are pursuing. They will be from all walks of life, in all kinds of jobs and at all levels of their profession or trade.
Some will be just starting out, others well along their journey and some finishing their careers and thinking about transitioning into an active retirement.
We will be talking with them about what it really means to work in those jobs.
What is needed just to enter the field, what is usually required to advance (ie the work schedules, additional training/ certification/ licenses, business travel or relocation, etc.)
They will share their thoughts on what made them successful, what they learned from those times when things did not go so well, how they decided upon if and when to change jobs and or companies and the role luck might have played in the overall arc of their career.
Finally, we’ll explore what was most satisfying about their life work how the field has changed overtime and what a career in that line of work can offer someone in terms of reaching their personal, professional and financial goals.

Listen to a short introduction from Fred Studley

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Music Teacher – CP077

Gary talks with Mr. John Coffee, an elementary school Music Teacher. John shares memories of his early interest in music, his time at Berklee College of Music and the several school districts he has taught in. He offers a full description of the role and responsibilities of a public-school Music Teacher, the rewards and challenges; the strategy of bringing kids along, musically, from a young age through the high school level. Finally, he comments on the characteristics that make for success in his line of work, and not surprisingly they are the same fundamentals that apply to most any career, including this one of fostering creative potential in kids.


The Art of Conversation
– in his 45 years on VFMT radio, Studs Terkel talked to the 20th century’s most interesting people. Studs Terkel also represents the inspiration behind the development of CareerPod. See details here of the reconstructed archives