"Jobs and what you think about them"


Career Services (Higher Education) – CP058

Gary talks with Ms. Karen Spizer, Director of Career Services Quincy Community College in Quincy MA. Karen shares how she leveraged her early career experience in Insurance and Event Planning into the role she has now. She explains what’s entailed in running a Career Services department at the collegiate level. Karen also talks about the significant resources (for researching and networking) that students can take advantage of; and the value that more experienced professionals, many now working in these Career Services departments, can offer students as they consider their first/next step after graduation.

Aviation Maintenance Technician – CP057

Gary talks with Robert Kelly about his career as an Aviation Systems Maintenance Technician (aka Airplane Mechanic). Bob recounts his Trade School education that culminated with a Certificate from East Coast Aero –Tech, a highly regarded technical academy for Aviation maintenance specialists. Bob shares his insights on the field and its evolution from Turbo-Props to jets. He discusses the proliferation and challenges of computer based flight and maintenance modules and interactions with the FAA. Finally he recalls the personal responsibility he always felt for the quality of his work given that passenger safety and flight-time availability were always hanging in the balance.

Technical Writing – CP056

Gary talks with Ms. Terry Abbate about her career as a Technical Writer. She shares how her undergraduate degree in English initially lead to an early career in Insurance/Banking; but she soon found herself doing network Services/IT. It became apparent to her and her manager that the best part of her work was her documentation and she was encouraged to get trained/certified as a Tech Writer. That led, professionally and financially, to a very rewarding career. Terry shares her insights into the day-to-day activities and responsibilities of a Tech Writer, the skills needed and how the role and work change as one moves from entry to mid to senior levels in the field.

Newspaper Journalist/Editor – CP055

Gary Wallrapp, a new member of the CareerPod team talks with Al Young about his career as a Sports Writer and editor for the Boston Globe. They discuss the skills and personal qualities essential for a successful career in journalism. Al talks about going from Sports to other topics or ‘sections of the paper’ and the learning curve that entailed, but also how he relied on his journalism fundamentals to be successful. Finally he shares thoughts on the role of editors in the newsroom environment. This is a candid look inside the world of journalism, from the ‘beat writer’ to the ‘desk editor’.

Finance (Dan Patrick) – CP054

Jim talks with Dan Patrick, a Finance executive. Dan talks about his willingness to explore several ‘majors’ in college and even transfer schools to find the ‘right-fit’ for him. Dan explains the difference between ‘Finance” and ‘Accounting’ , often not well understood by people outside the field. They discuss the skills/credentials needed to be successful the field(s) and what a typical day might look like. Dan also shares his thoughts on leadership and mentoring; what has been satisfying (and frustrating); and the role luck has played in his career. Finally, he talks about being aware of, and choosing, a career that you can be motivated by and hopefully passionate about; but also one that meets your financial responsibilities and lifestyle goals.

Medicine, (Concierge) Physician (Dr. William Goldberg) – CP053

Fred talks with Dr. Goldberg about how/why he chose medicine as his life’s work. They discuss the demands, challenges and rewards of being a doctor, the differences in healthcare resources and patient needs in various parts of the country, and the emergence of the “Concierge” model of physician practice. Dr. Goldberg comments on the inner-workings of the profession such as patient load (panel), the economics, staying current, technology’s impact and the toll constantly dealing with illness, injury and mortality can take on a practitioner.

Marketing, Consumer Packaged Goods (Frank Bergin) – CP052

Jim Scott talks with Frank Bergin, a consumer packaged goods marketing executive, who has a broad range of experiences from US Naval Officer, to marketing roles in a very large multi-national company and a much smaller entrepreneurial branded products organization. Frank discusses the cultural and management style differences among these organizations including the transfer of “military style command and control”, or not, into the corporate environment. Of note are Frank’s experiences in a highly resourced, matrixed environment where it takes time to get things done versus the smaller “all hands on deck” environment where decisions are made and implemented immediately.

Culinary Arts, Food Service (Dan Chase) – CP051

Fred talks with Dan Chase about his career as a Cook and Food Service manager. Dan has worked in several different restaurant and food service environments. He shares his thoughts on the skills needed to succeed in different settings, ranging from Fast-Food Chains to fine dining to Corporate Food Service establishments. He talks about the importance of confidence in your cooking skills, the differing levels of 'creativity' allowed in various restaurants and the challenges in managing employees, inventory and customers. A great look inside a field that is growing and full of creative and business opportunity.

Planful Career Management: Pro Football / IT / Pastor (Troy Barnett) – CP050

Fred talks with Troy Barnett about his interesting and non-traditional career path. Starting as a 'walk-on' football player for a Div1 college team, then as a 'walk-on' for a pro football team (New England Patriots) his early career was built on determination, persistence and hard work. He also had the foresight to prepare for 'life-after-football', and readied himself for a career in IT after his NFL career ended. Finally, Troy also serves as a Pastor in his community. He enthusiastically shares his insights on a career that is true to one's self, takes the long view; and has enabled him to provide for his family not only financially but as an example of integrity, commitment and hard work.

Computer Science (Karl Haviland) – CP049

Jim Scott, a new member of the CareerPod team, talks with Karl Haviland a computer scientist who has done, and managed, application development for a variety of industries. Karl talks about the range of industries he’s worked in and his current role as the leader on an “Applied Technologies” group for an energy sector company. He talks about the importance of being adaptable, staying current and working well in teams as keys to success. Karl also discusses several technical trends that have fundamentally changed the Computer Science field; and the importance of having a ‘holistic’ view of an organization to bring the best technical solution to a situation. Finally he shares his thoughts on organizational politics, idealism, being pragmatic and communicating well to non-technical stakeholders; things often challenging for the technical professional.

National Geographic Master Photographer (Michael Melford) – CP048

Fred Talks with Michael Melford, a highly accomplished photographer who spent a good portion of his career at National Geographic as a ‘Master Photographer’. His specialty is Landscape photography but his assignments for National Geographic, Time, Life Magazine and Travel & Leisure magazine among other publications; took him to all seven continents shooting all sorts of subjects in what is known as ‘Travel and Adventure’ photography. Mr. Melford shares his thoughts on patience, preparation, self-sufficiency and an artist’s eye for light and composition; among other things essential for a successful career in the competitive field of Travel Photography. A sample of Michael’s work can been found at:MichaelMelford.com As a complement to this fascinating episode.

Culinary Arts/Chef (Jim Neal) – CP047

Fred talks with Jim Neal about his career as a chef. They discuss how he started in the field, the importance of creativity as opposed to technique, the various areas of responsibility a chef has - from actually cooking to hiring help, ordering, managing inventories, budgeting, among other things. Jim also shares the most rewarding and frustrating aspects of the job; and finally, what his favorite meal is !

Sales/Marketing (Terry Tracey) – CP046

Fred talks with Mr. Tracey about a career in Sales and Marketing. They discuss what skills and personal qualities are important for success, what the learning curve is like and what types of challenges and rewards are possible. Terry also shares his thoughts on the differences in working for large, medium and small companies. Lastly, he talks about his transition from large companies to being part owner of his family's business.

Procurement/Purchasing (Bill Boodry) – CP045

Fred talks with Mr. Boodry about his career as a procurement/purchasing professional. They discuss Bill's broad experience across a number of very different industries; highlighting the 'transferrable' nature of procurement skills specifically and business/communication/networking skills more generally. Bill stresses the importance of continuous learning and fostering long term relationships, including college alumni ties, that can be essential to one's professional network.

Materials Planning/MRP, (Ed Scott) – CP044

Fred talks with Ed Scott about his career in Materials Planning, how/why he chose that professional, the various rewards/challenges in that line of work and the increasing impact of technology on the work. They also discuss the value of building relationships and 'influencing without power' in a function that has broad responsibilities yet often limited official authority.

Loss Prevention/Asset Protection, (Steve Ippolito) – CP043

Russell talks with Steve Ippolito about how/why he entered the Loss Prevention field. They discuss what it was, and now is, like to work 'security' in the retail environment. Steve shares his thoughts on the evolving nature of 'threats' and 'targets' in Loss Prevention; and how technology and social trends have impacted the 'in-store' and HQ based loss prevention professional. A great discussion for anyone wanting broader options for a career in Law Enforcement, Criminal Justice or Private Security.

Consulting/Executive Coaching, Board Membership (Anne DeFrancesco) – CP042

Fred talks with Ms.Defrancesco about her career, initially as an educator/administrator in the Public-School system, which she soon leveraged into a role as a Human Resources Development internal consultant/specialist within a large technology company. She shares how and why she later decided to start a private practice as an Executive Coach; and what it takes to make such a business/practice successful. Finally, they discuss Anne's role as a Board Member for a large insurance company, an especially important function in a regulated company/industry.

Real Estate Brokerage (Holly Chaney) – CP041

Fred talks with Ms Chaney about her career as a Real Estate Broker in Florida. They cover her early career, training, licensing and the persistent required to get established in a market. She explains the importance and benefit of getting a Broker's license; the pros and cons of working in a larger firm vs setting up your own business and the role technology has played in the evolution of the profession. Finally, she shares her thoughts on the 'coaching and counseling' often inherent in the realtor's role and relationship with their clients as they embark upon perhaps the biggest financial commitment a person/couple may make. An interesting 'deep dive' into the Real Estate profession.

Human Resources/Total Rewards (Tom Wilson) – CP040

Fred talks with Tom Wilson, a highly successful Compensation/Total Rewards consultant. They discuss how he navigated from a Training/Development early phase, to Total Rewards where he spent the majority of his career. Tom shares insights regarding why he moved from 'in-house' roles to consulting; and how to handle the varying revenue stream that comes from being in consulting, not to mention your own business. Finally, Tom shares his insights about marketing your business in a way that positions interactions with a prospective client as a problem-solving discussion as opposed to a sales presentation.

Hospitality/Fine Dining Server-Captain pt2 (Michael Pollack) – CP039

This is PART 2 of Kevin's conversation with Michael from CP038. They finished their discussion by covering other restaurant topics such as ambiance, specifically noise levels and lighting in restaurants and how they are both challenges and ways to craft ambiance. Michael shares his experience in places that 'Pooled' tips and places that didn't. Finally they talk about wine and BYOB practices, especially in the context of West coast vs East Coast (ie San Francisco vs Boston) fine dining establishments. A shorter but no less fascinating look into the role of Server/Captain in fine dining establishments.

Hospitality/Fine Dining Server-Captain pt1 (Michael Pollack) – CP038

Kevin talks with Michael Pollack about how/why he chose a career in the restaurant business, specifically as a server. Michael explains the 'working structure' of a typical restaurant, including 'front-of-house' roles, 'back-of-house' roles and hosting. He describes a typical shift, from menu review to reservations to coordinating the various server roles to optimize the dining experience. Finally he shares what he believes are the skills and qualities needed to be successful as a server in middle to upscale establishments as well as the challenges and rewards of this fast paced, public facing line of work. A real insider's view of the restaurant business.

Finance/Treasury (Leo Vannino) – CP037

Fred talks with Mr. Vannino about his career in a specialty area of Finance, ‘Treasury’. They briefly discuss his education and early career and then look more closely at the Treasury function. Leo shares his experience as a senior Treasury executive; including insights into what the function does in an organization and how it’s critical role often depends on diplomacy and influence. He shares his views on what skills and personal qualities make one successful in that function. Finally he and Fred discuss Leo’s move into consulting as he helps growing companies understand the Treasury function; and either build one internally or engage external resources for this, at times, underappreciated financial competency.

Human Resources/Training & Organizational Devel. (Mike LaFave) – CP036

Fred talks with Mr. LaFave about his career in HR, the early experience of a Rotational & Professional Development Program he was included in; the global travel that followed; his move into consulting and Mike's view on the skills and personal characteristics needed to be a successful HR professional. Finally, they discuss his love of dogs and his affiliation with the Westminster Dog Show.

Human Resources/Compensation (Amy Zimmerman) – CP035

Joan talks with Amy Zimmerman about her career in Human Resources and her area of specialty, Compensation. Amy recounts how her career began as a 'Temp' at a Fortune 500 HealthCare Products Retailer, where she happened to be placed in the HR organization. That fortunate placement capitalized on her analytical abilities, as well as her diplomatic skills. From there they discuss the rewards and challenges of the field, how technology impacts legacy practices in pay administration; and finally, how to navigate job changes in the context of one's evolving personal/family life situation.

Human Resources/Employee Relations (Suzanne Collazzo) – CP034

Joan talks with Ms Collazzo about her career in Human Resources and her area of specialty, Employee Relations. They discuss how she, Suzanne, initially made career moves in Administrative roles among companies with industry similarities. Then, as she 'found her niche' in HR, she leveraged those transferrable skills across very different organizations. Finally, her work in the Treasury department of a medical device company led to an HR opportunity in a Banking organization. This is a great discussion about managing a career by seeing the possibilities and transferable skills/credentials one accumulates as their career progresses.

Higher Education/Academia (Kathy Yancey) – CP033

Joan talks with Ms.Yancey about her career in Academia. Kathy talks about the impact of professors she had in her college years and how they influenced her decision to pursue a career in academia. They discuss the differences in academic careers one can pursue, often a function of working at a 'teaching-centric' vs a 'research-centric' institution. Kathy shares her insights into the personal discipline required to fulfill the writing/publishing expectations of the role; and the different relationships a professor often develops with Graduate vs Undergraduate students. This is a candid and insightful conversation about a profession, and in many respects a lifestyle, that few outside of academia understand.

Real Estate Brokerage (Elena Price) – CP032

Kevin talks with Ms. Price about her career as a Real Estate Broker. They discuss entering the field, the various licenses and the process of working as an 'agent' yet under the supervision of a 'broker'. They also cover the similarities/differences between selling high end and mid-priced priced properties; the value of affiliating with a nationwide firm yet keeping your local 'brand' and what personal characteristics and commitment are required to truly succeed in the business.

Travel (Kristin Chambers) – CP031

Kevin talks with Ms Chambers about her entry into the Travel field, her early professional experiences at an agency on Nantucket Island, what motivated her to start her own firm and how she decided on the experiential/immersive niche of luxury travel. They also discuss what Kristin looks for in a travel professional, technology’s impact on the field and the importance of networks and collaboration.

Staging/Interior Design/Realty (Santina Giannino) – CP030

Kevin talks with Ms Giannino about her career move into ‘Staging’ as a transition from an established career in IT and Marketing. Focusing on her current role as Founder/Owner of Stage It For Success, they discuss how she chose a niche field that is at the intersection of Interior Design and Real Estate sales. Santina shares insights regarding training/certification to enter the field; the initial marketing required to break into a field that was well established on the West Coast and in Florida but not so much in New England; and the challenging logistics ‘behind the scenes’ of staging a property.

Cosmetology/Special Event Beauty (K. Poutre/R. Flaherty) – CP029

Kevin talks with Kim Poutre and Rachel Flaherty about their careers in the beauty field; specifically, Kim as an esthetician and cosmetics sales executive and Rachel as a hair stylist. They discuss various entry/training and licensing considerations as one starts out in this field; then offer insights into starting their businesses together. Their niche market is providing a range of beauty services (cosmetology) for weddings as well as 'editorial', runway and TV appearances. This is an informative look into a career field most people only see as the 'corner salon'. It also provides great insight into starting one's own business.

Human Resources/Total Rewards (Ted Manley) – CP028

Fred talks with Mr. Manley about his career in Human Resources; his focus on, and success in, an HR discipline called 'Total Rewards' which refers to a collection of specialties including Compensation and Benefits (and the various components of each of those areas). The conversation offers insights into the workings of those functions; the skills and credentials important for success; and building a strong professional foundation if one aspires to an Executive position in Human Resources.

Global Marketing/Market Development (Harlan Chun) – CP027

Fred talks with Mr. Chun about how he started his career in marketing and what led to global roles so early in his career. They discuss how 'in-country' cultural factors impact Global Marketing initiatives. They also discuss the importance of language across a global organization; and the organizational relationships between HQ, Regions and Countries.

Financial Planning (Brian Kenney) – CP026

Fred talks with Mr. Kenny about his career in, and the work of, financial planning. They cover how those services are provided in a large company setting; and later in a small start-up firm. They discuss the emergence of 401k’s (as a departure from traditional ‘defined benefit’ pension plans), changing role of technology, how client development has evolved, and how small firms differ from large ones in a number of ways, including support resources and infrastructure as well as how the client relationship itself is cultivated and maintained.

Geology, Petrochemical (Geoff Newton) – CP025

Fred talks with Geoff Newton about his career working in large, multinational companies doing oil & gas exploration. They discuss the challenges of working in remote areas and in foreign countries; where business, political and social customs impact the already difficult work of finding, testing and developing petrochemical resources around the world.

Construction, Women in Business (Nancy Novak) CP024

Fred talks with Ms Novak about her career in the Construction industry. The daughter of a construction industry executive, she traveled extensively, visiting her father's job sites and decided that was her career 'calling'. She worked her way up to very senior roles, responsible for billions of dollars in government and commercial projects with several large construction firms. They talk about her fundamental values, approach to managing large complex projects and diverse clients/constituents and what it was like being one of the first women, especially at an executive level, in the Construction industry. Finally, Nancy is much sought after as a lecturer as she shares her insights on management and women's issues; especially in industries where they have yet to establish an equal presence.

Executive/General Management (Nancy Babine-Kucinski) – CP023

Fred talks with Ms Kucinski about her rise to executive positions in several industries. She shares the management philosophy, style, skills and practices that made her successful; with specific insights on how women can reach their fullest potential in the especially competitive and demanding environment of Executive/General Management positions.

Industrial Sales Executive (Joe Beauvais) CP022

Joan talks with Joe about his career path, beginning with a Voc/Tech education, technical training in the Navy and how he leveraged that into a career in tech support, logistics, customer service and ultimately a senior role in technical sales of large HVAC industrial systems.

Patent Attorney (Tom O’Konski) CP021

Fred talks with Mr. O'Konski about his career as a Patent Attorney. They discuss how he migrated from an engineering degree into the legal specialty of Patent Law. Tom talks about the intersection of technology and law; and what skills are key to integrating those disciplines. Tom also shares the core requirements for being awarded a patent and the process that involves. Finally Tom discusses the impact mentors, technology, hard work and luck have had on his career.

Fire Fighter (Jake Rivello) CP020

Joan talks with Jake about how he decided on a career as a firefighter. He shares his somewhat unique 'pre-career' educational experiences including an Associate's Degree in Fire Science, then the certification from the Fire Academy. They discuss the associated skills/duties of medically related roles such as being an EMT or certified First Responder that Firefighters often take on. Finally Jake provides insight into the advanced and complex systems on board today's modern firetrucks; and the team dynamics inherent in the high stress - high trust work environment of today's Firefighter.

Child Care, Nanny (Diane Beauvais) CP019

Joan talks with Diane about how she chose a career in childcare, and the unique role of ‘Nanny’ that entails a deeper and longer-term commitment and relationship with a family. They discuss the changes in ‘parenting’ that have come with 2-career couples; the challenges and rewards of being with a family for multiple years; and how she has handled ‘firsts’ (i.e. first steps, first words, etc.) in the context of being an adjunct member of a family and often the one to witness these events in the absence of the parents.

Finance, Private Equity (Tony Pucillo) – CP018

Fred talks with Mr. Pucillo about his educational credentials and how he acquired operational and management experience early on, in the Telecom industry. Then they discuss his fast track career success, leveraging his finance/business credentials, through a number of General Management roles. They also cover how his broad-based business experience enabled him to move into a Private Equity leadership role. Tony shares an insider’s perspective on what that field is, how people can enter that field, what the frustrations and rewards of that work are; and what is required to be successful. Finally, he touches upon using his experience and skills to help small family businesses be successful by understanding and employing the fundamentals and discipline brought to larger firms through Private Equity involvement.

Attorney, Entrepreneur, Women in business (Katherine Hesse) – CP017

Fred talks with Katherine about her early life of travel/relocation and how that developed, in her, unique skills that were helpful as she built her career as a lawyer. They also discuss her early career as a para-legal and the combination of her self-confidence and hard work; as well as the trust/sponsorship of senior partners who valued her contributions, as key factors in her advancement. She also shares her thoughts on starting, with several colleagues, their own firm; and how they were able to shape its culture and business focus consistent with their values, attract/retain excellent staff and build a strong base of clients. Finally, Katherine offers important insights into factors for women's success in the workplace in general; and the legal profession in particular.

Information Technology, CIO (Jeff Angus) – CP016

Fred talks with Jeff about the path of his career, the importance for IT professionals to listen to their internal 'customers'; and understand the 'businesses' of their company. They also discuss how customer acceptance of technology has changed from a 'push' dynamic to a 'pull' dynamic, and the challenges that presents for senior IT leaders. Finally, they focus on the issues of cybersecurity and management techniques Jeff found useful in building strong Information Technology teams.

Organizational Development, Management Consulting (Doug Adams) – CP015

Fred talks with Mr. Adams about his early career influences and how they informed important career decisions. They also discuss the value of working hard, in well-respected organizations, to establish a strong professional reputation. Finally, they touch upon the importance of building long lasting relationships that can be beneficial throughout a career and into an active retirement.

Public Health, Women’s Health, Volunteerism (Cathy Romeo) – CP014

Kevin talks with Cathy about her early career; as an Executive Assistant (leveraging her Katherine Gibbs School credentials), and how that evolved into a second career in Public Health, with a focus on an emerging specialty - Women's Health. She shares the importance of a decision to volunteer for a role in a non-profit organization that led to a lifelong career journey of growth and fulfillment. She describes the changes that followed, including volunteer-to-paid, part-time to full-time, local affiliation to National; and working in clinics, then prisons, and finally training healthcare workers for the sensitive role of working with patients of all different cultures, in the home setting.

Human Resources, Veterans, Leadership (Mike Dunford) – CP013

Fred talks with Mike Dunford, a Human Resources and Leadership consultant. Mike talks about his early career as an officer in the Marine Corps, and how he transitioned into a Human Resources career; rising to the top HR leadership role in an $11B organization. Mike reflects on what personal qualities and organizational skills were key to his success. He also comments on the challenges inherent in the military to civilian transition many people face; and what he has done and is doing to enable companies to better assimilate veterans and utilize and their potential.

Military Service, Law Enforcement (Rudy Friederich) – CP012

Fred talks with Rudy about a career in the military and law enforcement. Rudy brings us through his experiences during the Vietnam era, then his time in Berlin Germany prior to the Berlin Wall coming down. Next, he talks about his time in the US Marshals Service, where he was providing security for our courts and judges; as well as pursuing suspect/ fugitive apprehension. Finally, he shares his late career experience overseas, as he helped State Department and National security teams advise other nations in their attempts to build infrastructures essential for justice and the rule-of-law in their countries. It is a phone-based conversation (as you'll hear in the audio quality), but a fascinating insight into a career often spent in obscurity; but on the front lines of justice and the rule-of-law here and abroad.

Finance, CIO, Consulting (Rick Darer) – CP011

Kevin talks with Rick about credentials and skills needed to build a successful career in finance; and the special skills and work ethic necessary to meet the unique demands of a CFO role. He shares his experience in the 'due-diligence' processes entailed in mergers & acquisitions, bringing several companies public through an IPO; and the complexity of finding buyers and executing the sale of a firm. Finally, he talks about building upon a career of rich experiences and decades long professional contacts to launch a consulting career that allows him to choose his engagements and balance personal and professional pursuits as he chooses.

Staffing, Executive Search (Margaret Pratico) – CP010

Kevin talks with Margaret about building her career by pushing herself to takes risks and pursue challenging opportunities when they arose. She talks about stepping into roles in different types of businesses, ultimately finding her niche in Human Resources, initially Compensation, then Recruitment (now called Talent Acquisition). She describes how her work ethic and professional standards served her well as she built a personally, professionally and financially rewarding career as a senior recruitment/placement professional at a nationally recognized firm. Finally, she reflects on the transition into an active retirement and how that chapter, leveraging many of her life's skills and learnings, is bringing its own rewards.

Manufacturing, Operations (Josh Chernin) – CP009

Joan Blake talks with Mr. Chernin about why he chose a career in manufacturing/operations. He discusses what he found rewarding in that line of work; and what was most challenging. For early career individuals he suggests they look for roles that will bring an opportunity to learn and build skills. That is a better investment than chasing titles or compensation, initially. Mr. Chernin also talks about the importance of relationships in building one's leadership capability; and the value of 'listening' to better understand the issues in complex operations and organizations.

Entrepreneur, Not For Profit, HealthCare (Debby Sabin) – CP008

Kevin talks with Debby about her early career as an Occupational Therapist, that quickly led to a unique combination of Horseback Riding as a therapeutic intervention for children and adults with a range of disabilities. Debby shares her early experiences in small settings where wonderful things were accomplished with patients in very minimal/meager settings. (more…)

Electrician, Trades, Early Career (Joe Fiorello) – CP007

Kevin Fandel, a member of the CareerPod team, talks with Joe about his early career experience as an electrician. They discuss importance of tech school training, the differences in Apprentice/Journeyman/Master levels and licenses and how work differs at commercial job sites vs apartment buildings vs private homes. Joe also shares what he believes allowed him to advance quickly in the type of work he was assigned and the responsibilities he was given. Finally, he talks about the field and the high demand for skilled trades people and the career opportunities that represents.

Technology Journalism (David Brousell) – CP006

Fred talks with David about what led to his decision to pursue a career in journalism and how he handled the challenge of getting that first 'experience required' position; which is often a dilemma for people entering any field. David then recounts his journalistic journey through the Information Technology/High Tech industry that exploded in the '80's & '90's. His inside view will be of interest to journalists, technologists and manufacturing professionals alike. Finally, he talks about his role in founding and building a Professional Association for manufacturers that brought sharing of Best Practices and other tools/platforms that greatly enhanced the professionalism and efficiency of manufacturing by leveraging the technologies that had just emerged.

Retail, Merchandising, Women in Business (Kim Jackson) – CP005

Joan Blake, a member of the CareerPod team talks with Kim about her career in merchandising. Starting as a kid selling soft pretzels in Philadelphia, then Tee shirts on the Atlantic City boardwalk; Kim was drawn to a fast paced type of work that combined strategy, execution, customer interaction and making money. That naturally led to a degree in Merchandising; and soon after, a range of assignments in leading Retail companies. Finally, Kim reflects on key elements of success in the Retail/Merchandising field, including the ability to listen, spot trends early and embrace change in organizations and markets.

Jewelry, Retail, Sales (Tony Botzos) – CP004

Fred talks with Tony about his career in the jewelry business and how it has changed over the years. They discuss the changing product offerings, how the customer relationship and ‘selling’ process has evolved; and the impact large store chains had on the traditional sole proprietor downtown store. Finally, Tony comments on how the most basic aspects of selling luxury, discretionary items are still part of the business; but they are via online inventory management and customer engagement. A fascinating look behind the scenes of 40+ years in the jewelry business.

Sales, Marketing (Keith Benoit) – CP003

Joan talks with Keith Benoit, a senior Sales/Marketing individual in Consumer Products (Food & Beverage). Keith explains the value he places on early Corporate Training, rotational assignments through several functions and the constructive feedback he received; that helped form his professional skills, demeanor and work ethic. Next, he talks about an entrepreneurial opportunity he was offered within a large corporate organization; and how that added tremendously to his skills and credentials. Finally, he speaks to the importance of being able to adapt to change, be it in technology, markets or organizations.

Financial Services, Community Banking (Jim McDonough) – CP002

Fred talks with James McDonough about his career in banking and the unique aspects of 'Community' Banking. They discuss the elements of leadership, changing technology, the continued importance in person-to-person customer contact and the role a community bank can play in small/medium sized towns that benefits not only bank customers, but the community as a whole.

Human Resources, Maritime Trades, Reinventing (Steve Durham) – CP001

Fred talks with Steve about his early career as an HR professional, then a short stint in the restaurant business. Finally, he talks about moving to Maine, becoming a licensed Maritime Captain and finding the career that would carry him to today. This conversation is both an inside look into the little-known career in the Maritime trades; it also is about self-awareness and the courage and confidence to chart your own course through life.

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