"Jobs and what you think about them"

Kevin talks with Debby about her early career as an Occupational Therapist, that quickly led to a unique combination of Horseback Riding as a therapeutic intervention for children and adults with a range of disabilities. Debby shares her early experiences in small settings where wonderful things were accomplished with patients in very minimal/meager settings. Debby saw the therapeutic potential of the riding environment and even the horse-human bond that often develops. She spent the following 30 years refining her therapeutic approach, raising awareness and funds, and finally setting up a non-profit organization called LoveLane Therapeutic Riding Center that is a national model for such facilities. She shares her journey, the trials, challenges, successes and occasional failures in building such an ambitious, non-profit, entrepreneurial venture. She talks of staying true to the mission and values of LoveLane and how that focus was largely responsible for the success the Center enjoys today.