"Jobs and what you think about them"

Gary talks with Brian Burke about his lifelong passion for ice hockey and how he continued his involvement in the sport for some 30 years after college, where he played varsity. Brian reminisces about his childhood days playing hockey in the ‘almost life-sized rink’ his dad built in their backyard. He shares insights into how, as a side job, refereeing high school and college hockey allowed him to stay immersed in the sport he loves. He talks about the rewards of officiating a game, the keys to being a respected referee, the important role of the ‘assigners’ within a hockey league and the character-building benefits (even to young teens) of being a referee. Brian has watched teenagers pursue refereeing and seen the benefits of self-confidence and maturity that come from committing to such a responsible role, in a sport they love. This is an engaging episode into the world of officiating High School and Collegiate ice hockey.