"Jobs and what you think about them"

Gary talks with Kelley Wharff about her career as an Executive Assistant. She talks about her early interests in working in a business and playing a role similar to what her mother did, and found so rewarding. Kelley talks about the positive aspects of being an integral part of a team, organizing many aspects of a company’s administrative operation, interacting with other departments and representing the company when she dealt with partners/vendors/customers. She shares insights in the difference between entry, mid and senior level administrative assistant roles; and the unique aspects of the Executive Assistant position. Kelley acknowledges the impact technology has had on the field, especially given that most executives now are people who ‘grew up with technology’ and are more self sufficient than their predecessors. She notes, however, that this has opened up other types of work and opportunities for the Executive Assistant that entail technology, research and customer relations.  This is a clear and concise look at the career possibilities for administrative professionals.