"Jobs and what you think about them"

Gary talks with Ms Judith Bowman about her entrepreneurial career starting a consulting & training firm focused on teaching ‘soft skills’ that, in addition to communication and presentation skills; included etiquette and various physical/behavioral skills such as table manners, eye contact, telephone etiquette, grooming/attire and other protocols essential to proper business and general interpersonal interactions. Judith knew from an early age that people form impressions of others largely based on their personal appearance and non-verbal (behavioral) ‘presence’ before any substantive (verbal) exchange has occurred. She started her business offering lessons (paid for by parents) to teenagers, but after a positive article in a major metropolitan paper, she was approached by several CEO’s to ‘coach’ senior managers in these skills to develop their effectiveness in client engagement. She shares experiences and insights about her career journey and the clients who saw the value in fine tuning these skills for their professional and personal goals. A fascinating look into a unique niche of the Professional/Personal Development field… and one entrepreneur’s journey in that arena.