"Jobs and what you think about them"

Lou talks with Mr. Junior Delgado, the Director of the Career Services Center at Westfield State University in Massachusetts. Mr. Delgado explains what is entailed in the role of leading a Career Services team at a small-mid sized college/university, and how that might differ at smaller/larger institutions. He also shares his experiences as both a leader of an organization assisting graduating students as they choose career paths as well as recruiting incoming students (via athletic scholarships) as they begin their college experience. Mr. Delgado shares the rewarding aspects of the job, but also acknowledges the frustrating dynamics of competing priorities and fiscal realities that are inherent in the academic world, just as they are in the larger business world. Finally, Junior comments on the ‘calling’ and values that are essential if one is considering a role in ‘Career Services’ because it requires more of a commitment (to students’ success) than a typical 9 – 5 job. A great inside look into an aspect of a college education that is often lost in school rankings articles or the popular press.