"Jobs and what you think about them"

Gary talks with Mr. Tyson Sunnerberg about his career as a Personal Trainer. Although he graduated with a degree in Travel & Hospitality Management, and was working as a manager in a family style restaurant, he spent all his free time at the gym. He was soon recognized for his passion for fitness and his approachable and motivational way with other members at the club. He was encouraged to pursue the Personal Trainer career. Tyson explains the certification process, the personal qualities needed to be successful in this field and the dual role of being an ‘employee’ of the club but also an ‘independent professional’ attracting and retaining clients that he works with in the club. He emphasizes the need to have a ‘niche’ specialty area as part of your ‘brand’ and the importance of maintaining various certifications. Finally, he reflects on the rewards of his work and acknowledges that there are frustrations; but has found the field to be a perfect fit for his values and lifestyle.