"Jobs and what you think about them"

Gary talks with Levi Downing who has made a career as a car salesman. Levi shares how he had several sales/retail jobs prior to an opportunity at a car dealership. He immediately knew it was the right industry for him. He walks us through the various stages of winning a sale – ‘pre-sales’ prep, engaging the customer ‘making the sale’ and the ‘post sale’ paperwork in the business office and follow up later with the customer (which often generates future referrals and leads). He also shares his thoughts on what it takes to be successful in such a competitive industry; and one in which the customer is so much better informed and prepared before they even walk in the showroom. Finally, he reflects on his experience being promoted to a management role…many years ago…and why it was a short-lived chapter. A heartfelt, candid reflection of 35 years in a profession that is, too often, only seen in stereotype.